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We are visualizing brands, products and services which fit into a society and markets that are constantly changing.

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When developing or reinventing the identity of a certain brand, the main aim is to establish interrelations in the consumer’s head in order to evoke an understandable identity which persists.

It is crucial to explain the values of a brand to customers as well as to the team to guarantee that everyone can experience and live them. In the digital age in which consumers are questioning their consumerism and the products they tend to buy, the values and attitudes of a company are more important than ever before for the grasping of a brand. Therefore, a company’s consciousness of its main qualities is essential to be high-profile on the market and to develop a unique and credible presence.

  • Label-Workshop
  • Corporate Identity
  • Brand Values
  • Core Values
  • Brand Positioning
  • Aim


It is all about profiling and differentiating a company or label via its identity. To develop that, label-workshops are strategic tool to filter the ideas of a company and get to the core of the identity and vision of them. In order to get to the core of a company trust and empathy are needed to later visualize an on-point and well-designed shape of the future brand and to be able to come up with a vision.
To us, the customer is an active partner in the process who is providing the incentive in this process, as intensive interaction between agency and customer are necessary to develop an independent label. The result of the procedure must inevitably be the positioning on the market of the company/the brand which represents its identity and holds a credible brand promise.


The word concept derives from Latin: recognizing, understanding, getting pregnant and means the draft of a customized solution resulting from the analysis and formulation of a problem. After the definition and the naming of core values and visions of a company/a brand the strategic guidelines have to be visualized and made into a claim.
It is our aim to transform the characteristics into authentic brand history – as everything that can be represented by an image, sound, a phrase or colours will be understood. Corporate Design serves as the stage to highlight the quality and personality of a company.

  • Tonality
  • Trademark
  • Picture Language, Colours, Icons
  • Typography
  • Brand claim

  • Conveyance of design concept
  • Media of communication and measures


The findings of the prior processes are the basis when it comes to developing the final design concept in terms of getting an appearance that includes all media types.
When transferring a guiding concept into an easy-to-grasp brand world it is all about promoting purchase decision on a confusing market with a variety of similar products. A brand being well-known plays a vital role as the time factor is important for consumers. Thus, many people often decide to buy goods they already know. One has to keep in mind that it is real people demanding products and services, not machines.


A label does only become a label if being incessantly developed over the years as only the continuous addition of contents and products to the label’s image can bring success. Adding to the understanding of a brand with innovative ideas and convincing products in the course of many years leads to their success. Also, it is crucial to keep the economical production of communication media in mind (e.g. business cards, letter paper, folders for offers, image brochures, car tags/tattoos, digital applications, websites, online banners, newsletters etc.)

  • Production
  • Strategic guidance
  • Branding

We offer:

  • Corporate Design

  • Logo Design

  • Editorial Design

  • Design of Packaging

  • Label Design

  • Brand in Public Space

  • Website Design

  • Coding

  • Photo Design